This blog is a try to me keep motivates and a way to see my progress on my current projects. Let’s see how it goes!

Week 26
3 July 2022

This week I spent mostly on refactoring the rendering in tred. I also forked alabaster vs code theme so I could add support for solarized.

Week 25
26 June 2022

This week I refactored all tred rendering to the render namespace and worked on scripts to find potential areas to clean up.

Week 24
19 June 2022

This week I added the World concept to tred, extracted all the engine parts out of and started on adding more features to the rust version of build

Week 23
12 June 2022

This week I continued work on tred. I started working on the World concept, the API is getting there but it still isn’t usable.

Week 22
6 June 2022

This week I completed the render queue implementation and added PCH to tred speeding up the compilation to a third of what it was before.

Week 21
29 May 2022

This week I continued refactoring tred to a engine and it’s now “done” in a runnable state. There is way more things to be done for sure, but for now at least most of the raw opengl calls have been refactored away into a render queue.

Week 20
22 May 2022

This week I continued refactoring tred main to what can be called a rendering engine.

Week 19
15 May 2022

This week I started cleaning up tred and started preparing it so that it can be made into a proper rendering engine

Week 18
9 May 2022

This week I mostly spent on investigating better ways to structure the renderer and how to animate a third person character

Week 17
1 May 2022

This week I added code coverage to the uphoria build and started compiling ride codebase again after it has been on ice for a while. I’m going to test replacing the bitblit quad rendering with a simple OpenGL rendering. It should solve all the scaling issues that the current bitblit solution has.