This blog is a try to me keep motivates and a way to see my progress on my current projects. Let’s see how it goes!

Week 41
15 October 2023

This week I integrated the dotnet workbench changes into main and fixed a few style issues in euphoria that apparently have been there for quite a while

Week 40
8 October 2023

This week I added a callgraph and initial CodeCity implementation to workbench. CodeCity is still a work in progress, but fun/cool enough to warrant me spending the next week, and probably a bit more, on merging the dotnet branch to main so that’s probably what I will spend the next few weeks on.

Week 39
1 October 2023

This week I continued the euphoria refactoring, just minor things left (I hope)

Week 37
17 September 2023

This week I did some small refactoring in euphoria and played cyberpunk.

Week 36
10 September 2023

This week I didn’t do much, partly due to getting a fever and a cough on friday and through the weekend so I’m kinda excused :)

Week 35
3 September 2023

This week I started a project cleaning up core in euphoria. No progress really, mostly just working on tools that should make the process easier.

Week 34
27 August 2023

This week I’ve mostly been playing cyberpunk and not really been writing much code, slightly considering taking a pause on blaggen because I’ve not had the motivation to work on it even though I want to, so perhaps a break and work on another project for some time is in order?

Week 33
20 August 2023

This week I worked on my json library, trying to get it to parse sexpr like expressions with [] in json. Next step is to be able to pretty print it like a sexpr but I think I should work on other aspects and libraries first before. So I can focus my time and energy on things I’ll have use for in the near future

Week 32
13 August 2023

This week I watched alot of talks and collected all my notes into my talk-notes repo

Week 31
6 August 2023

Has it been another week already? I mostly watched talks this week, and read up on hot reloading using websockets on both the js and the c# side. For next week I should really start implementing it so I can move on to the more fun stuff.