This blog is a try to me keep motivates and a way to see my progress on my current projects. Let’s see how it goes!

Week 16
23 April 2023

This week I continued working on Ride and actually solved the lagging rendering on Windows! This has lead to putting the other backends on ice and soon will result in me working on actual ride features again, but before I can do that I’ll probably upgrade the current dependencies.

Week 15
16 April 2023

This week I continued work on ride, abstracing and getting the code ready for multiple backends that share code

Week 14
9 April 2023

This week I continued fixing clang-tidy errors in euphoria. I also decided what projects I need to work on so I created a plan for euphoria and continued working on ride, a project I’ve recently found a use for again

Week 13
2 April 2023

This week I mostly continued the work on vecy

Week 12
26 March 2023

This week I fixed the last function names in euphoria. Now all the function names start with verb or verb phrases. I still don’t know if this is a good thing or not, time will tell. I also completed my entry in the kodsnack gamejam and started a new project called vecy.

Week 11
20 March 2023

This week I started my game in the kodsnack spelsylt game jam and I also (sadly) continued my work on workbench even though I should spend my time on the gamejam game.

Week 10
12 March 2023

This week I started adding lights to klotter

Week 09
5 March 2023

This week I continued work on Klotter. Nothing super interesting except that I resurected some old mesh generator code I wrote about 15 years ago. I ended up replacing most of it though. C’est la vie.

Week 08
26 February 2023

This week I continued working on workbench and fixing the detected issues in euphoria. I also started on a smaller rendering experiment called Klotter, with anti-goals so I hope it will accomplish part of what tred tried to do.

Week 07
19 February 2023

This week I finished the rewatch of Bobbys entity talk and fixed typos so that my notes compile. I’ll probably will soon start integrating it into euphoria. Speaking of euphoria I also started cleaning up the code based on suggestions by the tool I hacked together last week and I’m almost done cleaning up the code. When that’s done I think it’s time to clean up the python scripts and switch the main repo to the dotnet tools.

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