This blog is a try to me keep motivates and a way to see my progress on my current projects. Let’s see how it goes!

Week 17
1 May 2022

This week I added code coverage to the uphoria build and started compiling ride codebase again after it has been on ice for a while. I’m going to test replacing the bitblit quad rendering with a simple OpenGL rendering. It should solve all the scaling issues that the current bitblit solution has.

Week 16
25 April 2022

This week I refactored the polybezier widget control along with part of the api and how to launch a simple dear imgui app.

Week 15
17 April 2022

This week I started cleaning up the polygon and polybezier api for euphoria

Week 14
10 April 2022

This week I finished working on the t3d editor camera.

Week 13
3 April 2022

This week I continued working on the camera, completing the pan function.

Week 12
27 March 2022

This week I replaced the old ECS with the new ECS and started improving the t3d camera experience

Week 11
20 March 2022

This week I added proper raycast to t3d and started replacing the old entity component system with a new, better one.

Week 10
13 March 2022

This week I implemented translate and rotate gizmos for t3d

Week 09
6 March 2022

This week I added the doxygen documentation and some examples for euphoria to a simple gh-pages page. I also switched back from xml to json for all data files.

Week 08
27 February 2022

This week I mostly continued working on the port from I got a html output now but there are still things left to do. I also made some small fixes to actual euphoria code but nothing much.