This blog is a try to me keep motivates and a way to see my progress on my current projects. Let’s see how it goes!

Week 39
2 October 2022

This week I a camera to fyro, “fixed” a failing HDD and watched a lot of star trek. I’ve also thought long and hard on the sprite rendering in fyro and I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to rewrite parts of how characters are rendered to support “override” single-use animations.

Week 38
26 September 2022

This week I added collision and tiled loading to the fyro engine.

Week 37
18 September 2022

This week I added texture, sprite animation and started on 2d “pixel perfect” collision detection to fyro. This required me to start adding support for scripting classes to inherit from native classes and that is what I’m currently laying the finishing touches on. Hopefully by the end of next week I have some basic 2d topdown and platformer collision going on.

Week 36
11 September 2022

This week I started integrating my scripting engine lox into the small 2d engine, and got snake, gamepad input with rumble and basic local multiplayer support working. Pretty productive!

Week 35
5 September 2022

This week I continued working on lox, adding arrays among other things. I think this will be the last week of full lox as arrays marks the last major thing to add before I can start integrating it and find the real actual pain points.

Week 34
28 August 2022

This week I introduced native packages/namespaces and split numbers into integers and floats

Week 33
21 August 2022

This week I completed the second chapter in crafting interpreters and started to implement my own feature requests to lox. Hopefully sometime during the next week I can start integrating it into fyro and make som actual games

Week 32
14 August 2022

This week I continued working on lox and finally completed the second chapter so now I have a working, but very basic scripting engine. Next week is refactoring so I can extend it with custom classes and begin expanding the language and library with more features

Week 31
7 August 2022

This week I continued working on lox. I’m still not finished with the first section but I’m slowly getting there. Hopefully soon I can start integrating the first version into fyro and see what I’m missing.

Week 30
31 July 2022

This week I actually continued reading “crafting interpreters” and restarted my lox implementation and I just recently added looing, conditionals to the language and unit tests to the build so I don’t break any features.