This blog is a try to me keep motivates and a way to see my progress on my current projects. Let’s see how it goes!

Week 48
4 December 2022

This week I mostly watched star tred TOS season 2, thinking and writing small bits on ride and playing around with the new OpenAI chat system.

Week 47
27 November 2022

This week I found out that the opengl version of ride was slwoish on windows so I started porting the old wxWidgets based rendering so I could to test if it’s more viable and/or prepare for a api with more than one rendering backend

Week 46
20 November 2022

This week I continued the work on ride, mostly refactoring and getting a consistent code style. Some more work to be done for sure with PCH and cmake aliases next week.

Week 45
13 November 2022

This week I coninued working on poster tester and started working on the console tool

Week 44
6 November 2022

This week I mostly spent on hacking on my postman “replacement”, for lack of a better word, that I started way way back but resurected a few weeks ago and been updating and improving.

Week 43
31 October 2022

This week I didn’t do much. Besides a few commits here and there I mostly just relaxed after the spelsylt gamejam. I completed season 1 of Star Trek - The original series and realized I should probably create a list of the best episodes for each star trek series + season I’ve watched so I can recall the good episodes if I feel I need to watch some good star trek again.

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Week 42
23 October 2022

This week I completed a game for the kodsnack gamejam “spelsylt”.

Week 41
16 October 2022

This week I continued on physics project and started work on a basic renderer to test the physics sim

Week 40
9 October 2022

This week I continued writing on things for ride. I should have worked on my kodsnack game jam entry but I didn’t :(

Week 39
2 October 2022

This week I a camera to fyro, “fixed” a failing HDD and watched a lot of star trek. I’ve also thought long and hard on the sprite rendering in fyro and I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to rewrite parts of how characters are rendered to support “override” single-use animations.