This blog is a try to me keep motivates and a way to see my progress on my current projects. Let’s see how it goes!

Week 04
29 January 2023

This week I added unit tests to blaggen and implemented the “top links” and watched Bobby Anguelovs talk about entity/object models and probably going to switch my system to something similar.

Week 03
22 January 2023

This week I ported the last python script (I think) and continued working on cleaning up the build code. Then I started a new project (oh noes), a small(ish) static site generator. It started, at first, as a small project to see how big a static static site generator would be but I think, if it ever becomes useful, it would be neat if I could port this homepage/blog to use it.

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Week 02
16 January 2023

This week I ported most of my tools from rust to c#.

Week 01
8 January 2023

This week I fixed warnings in euphoria and added implementation of tor curves. My new year resolution is that I should complete the tred project and integrate all the findings from in into euphoria and on that track I started cleaning up tred some more by splitting the headers into a public and private part. Turns out the rendering exposes some implementation details so I need to clean up the include graph tree and perhaps refactor a bit next week.

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Week 52
1 January 2023

This week I finished TOS and started replacing all streams for euphoria with fmt. There are only 2 parts left but that whole section should be rewritten soon anyway so I figured I wouldn’t bother replacing them.

Week 51
25 December 2022

This week I mostly watched star trek (again)

Week 50
18 December 2022

This week I mostly watched star trek TOS but I played a little bit with zig

Week 49
11 December 2022

This week I didn’t really do much, recovering from a cold and kinda tired to be honest.

Week 48
4 December 2022

This week I mostly watched star tred TOS season 2, thinking and writing small bits on ride and playing around with the new OpenAI chat system.

Week 47
27 November 2022

This week I found out that the opengl version of ride was slwoish on windows so I started porting the old wxWidgets based rendering so I could to test if it’s more viable and/or prepare for a api with more than one rendering backend