This blog is a try to me keep motivates and a way to see my progress on my current projects. Let’s see how it goes!

Week 19
13 May 2024

This week I cleaned up some sonar lint warnings in klotter, started refreshing my memory on the old genesis3d(my favorite) and continued cleaning up my animation notes

Week 18
5 May 2024

This week I implemented the IK to my vita animation testbed. I think this marks the project as “completed”. There still is chapters to be read but I don’t think I will implement them, so I started cleaning up my animation notes. Next week will continue the klotter project and the final step is to merge the animation notes, perhaps with some of the vite animation code into the klotter project, but first there is a lot of klotter to be done.

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Week 17
28 April 2024

This week I finished watching the anim talk and I finished reading the Ik part of the animation book. Next week I’ll clean up and understand the IK code and cleaning up my animation notes. After that it’s back to klotterfinish up rendering so I can implement all of the animation on top of it, but that is further away than next week, so until then…

Week 16
21 April 2024

This week I continued reading about animation and quickly resurected my old “simple” engine from 15 years ago to see how I solved it last time.

Week 15
14 April 2024

This week I continued reading about animation… not much more to say really :)

Week 14
8 April 2024

This week I continued on animation, reading book, reading articles watching talks writing code… all about animation

Week 13
1 April 2024

This week I did some small fixes in blaggen and continued work on the anim project. I’m about to start reading chapter 9 of 15 and implementing chapter 8 so with any luck the anim project is soon finished and the knowledge from that can be applied to the kloter project… and speaking of klotter, I really should just continue working on it and actually complete a render project once.

Week 12
24 March 2024

This week I continued on reading and cleaning up animation micro engine. Both blaggen and kloter has entered my mind and might deserve some love/work but we’ll see what the comming week will result in

Week 11
17 March 2024

This week I a animation book and started compiling the base code for that book. I also got some inspiration to write some ride code so I updated its dependencies, added a todo and started thinking about how to get a useful version working.

Week 10
10 March 2024

This week I got clang-tidy running on Github actions and it looks like it’s the only big thing left before everything is green again for euph. I started thinking about replacing the coverage displays like coveralls that I’m currently using with something I can run locally. This week I also restarted fyro/lox and removed the public/private requirement from code. It was pretty easy since everything was required to be public. Initially I wanted to go in a c# direction but I think a typescript direction is better for lox.

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