This blog is a try to me keep motivates and a way to see my progress on my current projects. Let’s see how it goes!

Week 09
3 March 2024

This week I continued getting euph build working. clang-tidy is taking too long so that’s next. I’m planning to extend workbench and run multiple clang-tidy instances. That should hopefully cut down on the analysis time. Next up is probably replacing the coverage report. I’ve grown tired of online services and want something that I can run locally. For the “coveralls” experience I should make sure the result generates a badge and it can be viewed in a browser.

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Week 08
25 February 2024

This week I accidentally commited to euphoria repo and for some reason all the builds started failing, so I worked on fixing them, including updating to the latest catch and the latest compiler that is installed on the runners. Next week I’m going to do some basic workbench things to fix more build issues and then 100% focus on klotter ignoring the euph build errors.

Week 07
18 February 2024

This week I spend to some watching videos about gui development and refactoring my old widget sizer code that I might reuse for the gui system in euphoria. Regarding klotter I basically deleted all my progress and started fresh with a readme like development and wrote the actual usage… and now I just have to implement the few functions so hopefully I won’t get stuck in details this time.

Week 06
11 February 2024

This week I implemented 2 different versions of a finite state machine. I also came to the realization that I need to start “fresh” on the instancing so that’s what I’ll be doing

Week 05
4 February 2024

This week I mostly just thought about how to integrate Instancing into klotter and how buffers are connected.

Week 04
28 January 2024

This week I worked on instancing, it’s still not complete but it’s getting there

Week 03
22 January 2024

This week I added uniform buffer to klotter

Week 02
14 January 2024

This week I made a game in 4 hours, added a skybox to klotter, installed sonar lint, fixed some of its suggestions and finally made the existing unit tests compile and run

Week 01
7 January 2024

Thie week I completed framebuffer/post proc and adding support for cubemaps and skyboxes to klotter.

Week 52
3 January 2024

This last week of the year, I am still working on klotter, I feel blur is done soon and I can finally continue working on non post-proc stuff for a while.