This blog is a try to me keep motivates and a way to see my progress on my current projects. Let’s see how it goes!

Week 34
28 August 2022

This week I introduced native packages/namespaces and split numbers into integers and floats

Week 33
21 August 2022

This week I completed the second chapter in crafting interpreters and started to implement my own feature requests to lox. Hopefully sometime during the next week I can start integrating it into fyro and make som actual games

Week 32
14 August 2022

This week I continued working on lox and finally completed the second chapter so now I have a working, but very basic scripting engine. Next week is refactoring so I can extend it with custom classes and begin expanding the language and library with more features

Week 31
7 August 2022

This week I continued working on lox. I’m still not finished with the first section but I’m slowly getting there. Hopefully soon I can start integrating the first version into fyro and see what I’m missing.

Week 30
31 July 2022

This week I actually continued reading “crafting interpreters” and restarted my lox implementation and I just recently added looing, conditionals to the language and unit tests to the build so I don’t break any features.

Week 29
24 July 2022

This week I split the tred and fyro project to seperate repos. I resurected my textgen project, the “substance designer light clone” I started a year ago and continued my work on my implementation of lox from “crafting interpreters”

Week 28
17 July 2022

This week I decided to work on ride and more specifically the rendering, so I started switching it to OpenGL, there still are things left to do but it’s looking more promising than the bitblit method I was using earlier.

Week 27
10 July 2022

This week I continued refactoring tred rendering. It’s getting closer :)

Week 26
3 July 2022

This week I spent mostly on refactoring the rendering in tred. I also forked alabaster vs code theme so I could add support for solarized.

Week 25
26 June 2022

This week I refactored all tred rendering to the render namespace and worked on scripts to find potential areas to clean up.