This blog is a try to me keep motivates and a way to see my progress on my current projects. Let’s see how it goes!

Week 47
22 November 2020

This week I worked both a little on ride(scrolling in fileview and expanding folders) and a little bit on tred(refactored profiling and added a plane mesh). Hopefully next week I make some decent progress on tred as I want to get it to a usefule state before the end of the year.

Week 46
15 November 2020

This week I added cmdlet to new ride and converted euphoria to the pitchfork layout

Week 45
8 November 2020

This week I refactored the scrolling code and started work on the command palette.

Week 44
1 November 2020

This week I continued working on ride… and not much else happened :)

Week 43
25 October 2020

This week I resurected ride and started implementing it more or less from scratch. Well, less wx and more custom so not from scratch, hopefully by the end of next week I can soon integrate most of the old code that still is relevant.

Week 42
18 October 2020

This week I started work on the inerpreter part of the fel language/implementation and a little bit of constexpr for the euphoria engine. Most of the week however has been planning for the new appartment.

Week 41
11 October 2020

This week I continued work on fel, since I realized that it would be great if I could have the interpreter run scripts and functions this year and let the “fast” of the language come later but keeping the api the same.

Week 40
4 October 2020

This week I started working on basic profiler for tred, I picked up euphoria and started cleaning up the cmake setup and continued work on gaf so that it’s more streamlined faster testing and contains the features that I want in euphoria

Week 39
27 September 2020

This week I fixed so that the euphoria tracery could handle extended json and added some more design notes for tred. I actually also started on a new project textgen where you generate textures by drawing graphs or writing lua code. Nothing to show yet but I only worked on it for 30 minutes.

Week 38
20 September 2020

This week I copied the script used to create the ‘game programming patterns’ book and rewrote most of it to be generic instead of tied to a specific book. Apperently it didn’t support ebook generation so I’ll probably add that eventually. The rest of the week was spent on reading up on engine design and some refactoring of tred so no new major features.