Here you can find various projects I’ve did either myself or with others.

Looking for love
13 June 2017

In this experience you wait for a bus that never seems to come and can take out your phone and try to look for love.

21 April 2017

A somewhat work in progress of my Rust IDE, currently written in C++.

Truck game
10 April 2016

Pseudo-3D game with a top-down view where 2 cats drive water supply trucks through the desert. Each player must try to destroy the other truck with weaponry, or by gaining a considerable lead.

Office rituals
31 January 2016

Just another day at the office. Drink loads of coffee. Smoke cigarettes. Take credit for your co workers accomplishments. Go to pointless meetings and avoid getting fired. Drink coffee and smoke so that you can work efficiently. Everyone is working on the same project, but you win if you did most of the work ! You can steal each other’s work by working at someone else’s desk. Oh, also, don’t miss the meetings or your Boss will be angry!

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Sloth Dictator
19 July 2015

The Sloth dictator and his sloth generals are overseeing the Slothlympics. Compete in the role of one of four animals and mash that button to get first to the finish line, but be careful: the dictator wants you to go slowly, so if they see you going fast, you’ll be penalized! Mash the button to go faster, and use the other two to change lanes. If you get behind another runner, you can push them to make them go fast, and be penalized!

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8 February 2015

Get ouside the room. The most obvious is to use the key, but will that get you out?