This blog is a try to me keep motivates and a way to see my progress on my current projects. Let’s see how it goes!

9 November 2017

This week I implemented the ray-sphere collision, and tested it by highlightin all the intersections. I realized that a simple check such as this would be suitable for clicking on the closest object so I need to implement more acurate ray collisions.

29 October 2017

This week I finished implementing the aabb collison check, but realized that I probably need a sphere/ray intersection instead as that would work regardless of the rotation of the object.

28 October 2017

This week I completed the basic outline feature to each actor/mesh so I can highlight the current selected tile/actor in t3d. I also started work on getting a ray so I can actually select.

17 October 2017

This week I actually did a little work on t3d. I started on a tile library and fixed a problem with the mesh loader in euphoria. I loaded the ambient color and assimp defaulted to a black ambient, but since most models only specify diffuse I added a option to assume the ambient color is the same as the diffuse color.

10 October 2017

This week I was lazy and didn’t do much. I rediscovered agents of shield and spent way to much time watching episodes I’ve already seen. Then I spent some time on t3d, but way way less than I wanted.

2 October 2017

This week I started on rewriting ride in rust. From the ground up. I have some really basic custom input control in the GTK build, but I’ll need to get a proper text rendering system up before I can continue. I also started working on a 3d level editor that I need for any game. Not much progress as I just grabbed the demo application and started removing things from it.

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25 September 2017

This week I continued on the continuous integration and fixed some image coordinate bugs.

18 September 2017

This week I added a linux build on Travis CI and a Windows build on Appveyour. The linux build runs my unit tests and the windows currently only builds. Testing comes later.

10 September 2017

This week I didnt do that much. I sorted game ideas, and other non-game ideas. The most actual development I did was when I created a git alias to list all commit messages and created a wordcloud of it.

6 September 2017

This week I continued on the rect and image refactoring, added a few image drawing tests and added base64 support so I can test image loading without being dependent on actual files. Finally I updated the dear imgui library to get access to the new color widget.