This blog is a try to me keep motivates and a way to see my progress on my current projects. Let’s see how it goes!

1 September 2017

This week I continued working on the engine, loading advanced meshes, default textures in the shader and replaced google test in favour of catch. At the weekend I participated in kenney jam and made a breakout clone in unity.

20 August 2017

This week I was back on work and even though my time was more limited, I still managed to do a little bit on the “engine”. I added clang-tidy and clang-format as a optional step in the build process. I then continued on fixing almost all the error that clang-tidy found. That took the better part of the week. Then I added basic lightning to the engine demo.

14 August 2017

After several days I’m back home and back to roughly the same posting shedule. I spent the lasat vacation week with working on “the engine” and it is slowly getting there, but as I get back to work I expect things to slow down quite a bit.

12 August 2017

This week I continued working on the “engine”, but I dont think I’ll be able to use it on my next jam as time is slowly running out.

4 August 2017

This week I mostly spent on binge watching Agents of Shield (again), and did some real world stuff, however I decided that I’d want to use my own 3d engine for my next game jam, so I spent a significant part of the weekend on this engine. I’m hoping that it will be in a useful state for the Kenney jam on a month.

23 July 2017

This week I didnt do much, and I’m honestly not sure what I did except work related stuff, shopping a few new furnitures and attending a birthday party. Work on the graph widget has been lacking theese last weeks and I desperetly both want and need it to be finished.

16 July 2017

This week I mostly watched season 4 of “Agents of Shield”, but I also added proper smiley graphics and pagination and fixed a bug causing the image on some pages to not be displayed so at least I made some progress.

11 July 2017

This week I continued working on the graph widget. I also found 2 earlier blogs of mine and moved all of them here.

3 July 2017

This week I pretty much continued on NodeCalc and the graph widget driving it all.

29 June 2017

This week I started on a project called nodecalc. It aims to replace my need for most excel/open office calc needs by calculating expressions in a graph like manner instead of referencing cells.