This blog is a try to me keep motivates and a way to see my progress on my current projects. Let’s see how it goes!

Week 12
26 March 2018

This week I didnt do much since I started watching season 2 of Jessica Jones.

Week 11
18 March 2018

This week I finished up the basic javascript test that I wrote last week, and after two days of struggling on how to design the API I just went ahead and added the bare minimum input handling: keyboard buttons. Sooner or later I have to figure out how I should handle joysticks, gamepads, touch controls, vr controls, virtual buttons on touch controls etc. etc, but so far the everything is data driven, so I guess that’s nice.

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Week 10
11 March 2018

This week I fixed the javascript issue I was having. Still considering to write my own custom library, but that will have to wait. Now it’s 10 weeks until ludum dare so I have to get a move on if I want to use my framework for the game jam.

Week 9
4 March 2018

This week I still mostly recovered from the flue. When I actually managed to find the time to code, I fought the duktype/dukglue registration of custom classes. Currently I’m considering discarding dukglue and writing my own simpler version.

Week 8
27 February 2018

This week I worked on the entity system integration. It still isn’t complete but it’s getting there.

Week 7
18 February 2018

This week I had a fever and pretty much only slept, ate and watched netflix.

Week 6
12 February 2018

This week I wrote several different ECS systems before I decided to integrate the entt instead of using a custom one. I also decided that the first game will be a really basic version of tyrian.

Week 5
5 February 2018

This week I decieded that I am gonna try to enter the april ludum dare jam with my own engine so I started planning out what needs to be done for that to happen. I ported my old unique id generator to euphoria and started to look into embedding javascript/typescript through duktape as a scriping language.

Week 4
31 January 2018

This week I decided to up my rust game, so I started a pretty much completed a minor rust library called keyvalueextractor to extract data from a path. I ended the week with joining a game jam and creating the vr game “Inside sunshine”.

Week 3
22 January 2018

This week I finished the spacetyper/euphoria font rendering rewrite and finally managed to add inlined icons in text when rendering. I also somehow managed to binge the entire first season of punisher.