This blog is a try to me keep motivates and a way to see my progress on my current projects. Let’s see how it goes!

Week 2
15 January 2018

This week I spent most of my time on euphoria/spacetyper working on getting the coordinate system correct and fixing so that the padding/margin -top/bottom values werent mixed.

Week 1
7 January 2018

This week I mostly spend either watching netflix movies or coding on euphoria/spaceyper. One of my new year resolutions is to complete a few projects, including fish hunt, space typer and star collector. Of all the projects fish hunt is the one that is most completed. Star collector comes second but that is an android project so releasing that is another project entirly. Until next week.

31 December 2017

This week I continued on the chatbot and updating the euphoria engine. In a few hours I’ll be leaving for new years celebration so fishhunt will have to be completed in the beginning of the next year.

23 December 2017

This week I continued working on spacetyper and started a semi new project. A basic chatbot. Given that I am leaving for xmas celebrations, the week isnt over, and I’m switching to my laptop I probably will continue working on fishhunt for the rest of the week. Stay tuned for next week.

17 December 2017

This week I mostly worked on upgrading spacetyper to the latest euphoria codebase. I really should have worked on completing fishhunt but I wanted to code some C++ for a change.

10 December 2017

Game is shaping up. Not much left now. I’m hoping for a release next week or the week after that, before x-mas at least.

10 December 2017

This week I found a few assets and started combining them in unity. Given that it’s a small game, it shouldnt take that long to complete. Fingers crossed.

28 November 2017

This week I pretty much continued on star collector. It’s progressing nicely and I’m hoping that it will be done before or arount X-mas.

23 November 2017

This week I decided I should actually complete my older projects colelcting dust, so I took an old project of mine, starcollector, and started polishing it. I hope that I can actually complete it this time.

18 November 2017

This week I didnt do much at all. I pretty much just watched random episodes of How I Met Your Mother.