This blog is me talking about my stuff, what I do and from time to time, in order to improve the state of the internet and promote better content and google hits for other people, I will also post solutions to various other problems I’ve found.


Epic fail
29 July 2009

I probably should have posted this earlier, however I been sleeping and sobbing over the fact that I didn’t finish no more sweden :). A few hours before deadline all tiles in one layer went 3 tiles up, but collision-tiles were still in the same place. I though that was strange so I went to check the map in the (external) editor, and to my horror it didn’t load. No message, no crash nor any exception – just silence.

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So my bicycle have been trashed for some time now. Since Thursday actually. It really isnt a big deal unless I was attending No More Sweden and bicycle is my only viable transportation. I might have to rent one if it doesn’t get finished. It was actually supposed to be finished this Monday, but they are missing spare parts. That’s right, I bike hard. Though my extreme/hard-biking might be beacuse I’m so

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So I’m attending this game-jam called No more sweden(funny name) this week. Wednesday/Thursday to Saturday/Sunday. I’ll be attending most of it, though I have to work at Thursday and Friday, which is a bummer, so Ive been thinking at what kind of game I’m be making. I’ve been thinking about making a simple plat former for some time now, and this might be good time as any to make it a reality.

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Yo frankie!
6 July 2009

Given that I sacked tetris more than a month ago, gamedev has been pretty stale at the moment. I’ve been studying fighting-systems and analysing combo-lists for the fighting-system in survivors. The usual stuff. However since the last post I’ve been thinking about remaking Yo Frankie! with my tetris engine. Tetris actually outlived it’s purpose, as the purpose of the tetris project was to build a solid foundation for survivors and all my other 3d games.

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Excursions into the UI
25 June 2009

I recently read scarabus’ post regarding guis and I wanted to follow up/ add a few notes of my own. Since scarabus considers blender to have the worst user-interface(ui for short), I’m going to compare it to other similar applications and guess why it might be non-intuitive. So, beeing picky I have tried several mesh modelers. The imcomplete list is anim8or, google sketchup, misfit model 3d, xsi modtool, blender, art of illusion, truespace and wings 3d.

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Tetris got sacked!
7 June 2009

I recently came to the conclusion that I wont continue tetris, and instead restart my third person shooter-beatemup zombie & soldier slayfest Survivors. I always knew I was going back to survivors, I just didn’t know that I was going to give up on tetris. In reality it has to do with I got bored and can’t come up with a satisfying way of designing the menys. It sucks really, but all of the time wont go to waste since most of the code is basic boilerplate and I’m happy with most of the layout.

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We're doomed (not)
2 June 2009

Apparently the pulse didnt came. Now my biggest problem apperently is if I’m such a great nerd because I noticed or I blogged about it.

On June 1, 2009, months after Max’s escape, terrorists detonate an electromagnetic pulse weapon in the atmosphere over the U.S., which destroys the vast majority of computer and communication systems, throwing the country into utter chaos.


Stairway to heaven
23 May 2009

I recently discovered, not only do the local library have CD’s full of modern music, with my chemical romance-blood among others(despite what you think of chemical romance, blood really is different), they also have a complete collection of sound fx CD’s. I guess I dont have to spend some of my hard earned money on thoose sorts of CD’s when I can borrow

Foobar sorting
13 May 2009

Since some time I’ve been sorting my music collection. Going though my hard-drives and Cd’s finding all music-files and moving them to a common place and with the help of foobar2000 place them in a sane directory-structure and keep them there. Within foobar I sort the artists on the following script. This makes sure that The (International) Noise Conspiracy is among the other artist that begins with I. $replace($replace($replace($stripprefix(%artist%),’|’,),'[‘,),'(‘,) That little script keeps things nice and tidy within foobar, but to sort I use these two massive scripts:

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