This blog is me talking about my stuff, what I do and from time to time, in order to improve the state of the internet and promote better content and google hits for other people, I will also post solutions to various other problems I’ve found.


Silverlight Installation
3 February 2009

I recently had to install silverlight at my computer(channel 9 required it), since I wanted to have a look at the brand new Visual Studio 2010 without downloading that huge ctp, and I must say that I really liked the installation process. Unlike most installations it doesn’t force you to press 20 buttons to install it. Only 2, ” install now”, and “close”. It actually felt refreshing. It still manages to mention silverlight 4 times though without telling you what it does.

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Hello, I am Gustav
25 January 2009

.. and I’m a game programmer. My best game so far would probably be lolball. A game where you move through levels as fast as possible to get a better score, all while doing as many combos as possible. Did I mention particle effects and slow-motion? Currently however I’m working on a remake of tetris so I can get a stable codebase for my next progress.

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First post
30 December 2008

As the current year is slowly coming to a close, I figured that it would be smart to make a few promises. The first would be to actually add a new post once in a while, say every week, instead of once a year. So who am I…? Stay tuned for my next update