No more sweden - It can't be true

Monday, 13 July 2009 at 11:20

So I’m attending this game-jam called No more sweden (funny name) this week. Wednesday/Thursday to Saturday/Sunday. I’ll be attending most of it, though I have to work at Thursday and Friday, which is a bummer, so Ive been thinking at what kind of game I’m be making. I’ve been thinking about making a simple plat former for some time now, and this might be good time as any to make it a reality.

I think I’ve chosen my tools. C# as the programming language for it’s rapid development time, for it easiness (actually I’m forced to compile it since the official distribution was missing some things though the C++ version is the best 2d/OpenGL launcher library) and tiled for it’s easy-loadable data and unfriendliness.

Since any preparations is allowed I’m gonna jump-start and code that plat-former starting today, I might have a huge merge-problem when I get my topics, but that’s a problem for future gustav

On a small side-note, my aggregator tells me that I got ~200 unread items, most of them are lifehackerposts . I’ve been postponing the unavoidable and I think should read some of them – soon. I just gotta do this first