This blog is me talking about my stuff, what I do and from time to time, in order to improve the state of the internet and promote better content and google hits for other people, I will also post solutions to various other problems I’ve found.


Working hard
7 August 2013

I’m working hard, soon I will have input partly completed but in the meantime have a look at the physics in action on these stand-in graphics:


The music
2 July 2013

Development on the game engine has been slow this past week so this week I’ve been thinking about the background music for the game. I don’t know the actual graphical style of the game just yet but I think I narrowed down the musical style to either some slow form of swing/jazz like this: Or some some ambient 80’s style electro music like this. Given the I’ve already found some electro music that seems to be fitting and that lander used some similar music pieces, it’s safe to assume that I will be using that electro music during the early alpha builds.

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This week instead of talking just design I thought I would be nice to share some development ideas that I’ve been brewing for a while, and it has to do with distribution of the game. The obvious choice is steam, and probably the equivalent to the appstore on ubuntu(if that still exists and is flourishing), but a part of me wants to sell the game to all linux distributions and I can’t test that at all.

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Name of the game
13 June 2013

I though this is good time to talk and clarify a little about the game and blog title, and how misleading that title might be. First and foremost the game is not set in space. The game might take place on different planets and you might travel from these places, but this is not part of the game. Neither is hustling of any kind. You are a soldier/mercenary/technician for hire, you do your job and you get paid, so no hustling whatsoever.

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A modern cockpit view
8 June 2013

I never really liked the cockpit view of flying and driving games. It provies a sense of realism for sure, but I never believed it provided me with a view that I liked. Enter E3 2012 and the demonstration of the Oculus Rift. Together with a helicopter like transparent sphere like cockpit the cockpit view field of view that the rift provides and the slow speed of the craft it provide a sense of realism few games can match.

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This week I’ve been thinking a lot about the different skirmish and mission types. The original lander basically had fetch an object and destroy missions. Hopper introduced “challenges” in the form of land without taking any damage and races, and while this could be expanded upon with acrobatical challenges(move through a narrow gap) and survival challenges (survive a meteor rain) I want to expand further in the mission and challenge/skirmish varieties.

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Since I started working on Space Hustler I’ve been thinking about what art style the game should have. The original lander had a sci-fi style and while that will work there are a lot of sci fi games and sci fi shooters especially are a dime a dozen. Partly because of this I’ve been thinking about designin a little bit different. One idea I’ve been tossing around is the World War 2 with jet engines.

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And so it begins...
21 May 2013

So I decided that I need to make a bigger game, a game that I can work on for a few months at least and not get bored. I shouldn’t have any complicated animations and should be “easy” to make. A basic renderer on the top of a physics simulation won’t be that complicated and could be fun. I thought about remaking a previous game of mine, lolball, but all the design I could come up with was way to complicated for what I had imagined.

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I'm not dead
4 May 2010

Whoa… almost 5 months since last time! I gotta post more than twice a year 🙂 Anyways, I’ve been quite busy since last time: My pwn game library is still in development. and I’ve entered ludum dare twice.. I’ve posted my first entry, let’s go cave exploring, earlier in this blog. My second entry for the “Explore” theme was “Xplorer – the game” a kinda unfinished 2-player game that ends when everything is explored

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