This blog is a try to me keep motivates and a way to see my progress on my current projects. Let’s see how it goes!

3 July 2017

This week I pretty much continued on NodeCalc and the graph widget driving it all.

29 June 2017

This week I started on a project called nodecalc. It aims to replace my need for most excel/open office calc needs by calculating expressions in a graph like manner instead of referencing cells.

22 June 2017

This week I spent time learning various unity things, trying to up my unity game. I also started learning blender and trying (and failing) to make a 3d character.

4 June 2017

This week started with a small project of creating a commandline application in C++. It currently missing some advanced features but it was a nice break in the great konmari cleansing.

30 May 2017

This was a little bit better. I watched a little bit of netflix, but converted the current deploy script from bash to python so I, in the future, can add more advanced image rezising functions that hugo currently doesnt support. Then I pretty much started the konmari appartment cleanup so I guess I wont get much development stuff done for a couple of weeks.

21 May 2017

This week was also lazy. What can I say, except I’ve now binged one more series on netflix.

15 May 2017

This week should have been spent on either gaf, t3d or finishing the spacetyper menu but it was spent on finishing crappy series on netflix instead. I guess the blame is mostly on the bad cycle of beeing too tired and then just binge watching myself one more episode past bedtime.

8 May 2017

This week I continued working on this homepage, scaling images to fit in the design and it’s taking longer than expected. I also finally restarted my tile based 3d level editor called t3d. Since it’s still in its infancy there arent any pretty pictures so I’ll keep it here in the devlog for now.

1 May 2017

Much of the page is now in “kinda working” order. There are still projects missing images and download links, and most projects have the wrong header image size. There only one thing to do, and that’s keep on working on it.