This blog is a try to me keep motivates and a way to see my progress on my current projects. Let’s see how it goes!

Week 34
26 August 2018

This week I started working again. I did a little work on my software synth and my dotfiles management util/script. In less than a week is the gmtk gamejam and I’m getting hyped.

Week 33
19 August 2018

This week I started on software synth, and participated in game jam but didn’t really finish it :( On the upside is I added a feature to the assimp library and terminal application that I soon hopefully will add via a pull request.

Week 32
13 August 2018

This week I mostly spend relaxing and real life stuff. I made a few small games in godot and started on switching my main system from ubuntu to arch.

Week 31
5 August 2018

This week was my first vacation and I added a OnInit function and creation arguments to the the create function in euphoria. I also, in preperation of the upcomming gamejams, started to play around with godot a bit and started on a smaller platformer test/game thing.

Week 30
29 July 2018

This week a heatwave struck, so I didn’t really do much. I started on the OnInit callback, but that’s pretty much it.

Week 29
22 July 2018

This week I made it so that shots are destroyed when the have left the viewport. I also started laying the grounds for adding a init function for when creating entities.

Week 28
15 July 2018

This week I merged the from all various applications in the euphoria framework, extracting all the copy-paste code into another utility file. I also finally came up with how to best handle how to check for when objects are outside the viewport, so that should be done soon.

Week 27
8 July 2018

This week I finished the viewport logic, and started looking at how to handle objects getting outside of the view. Not uch but I also binged luke cage season 2, so pretty ok progress considering.

Week 26
1 July 2018

This week I spent on watching luke cage season 2, adding enum support to imgui option for gaf, fixed the issue with not resusing ids and started on writing viewport handling. The latter is not quite finished yet, but it’s getting there.

Week 25
24 June 2018

This week consisted mostly of real life stuff, but I managed to fix a few gaf related things. Next week should hopefulle be more productive.