This blog is a try to me keep motivates and a way to see my progress on my current projects. Let’s see how it goes!

Week 10
10 March 2019

This week I spent some more time on my aur tool. It’s not quite there just yet, but it’s getting there. I also resurected my tracery implementation and merged my tracery repo into euphoria.

Week 9
3 March 2019

This week I started watching Umbrella Academy, and I’m liking it so far. I also added return values to fel, continued playing around with ncurses and started working on my aur tool for arch linux.

Week 8
24 February 2019

This week I continued work on fel. I did a little bit of refactoring and started adding a bytecode. Rest of the week was spent on either rewatching the first season of battlestar galactica or getting up to speed on star trek discovery.

Week 7
17 February 2019

This week I took a fel break and mostly spent it on implementing a table print function. I also threw out most of the fel parser and started writing a AST and runner, currently it can only print strings but with this approach it can be extended instead of writing it all at once.

Week 6
10 February 2019

This week I spent creating my custom scripting language fel. It’s currently only parsing, but it’s parses the whole specification written so far.

Week 5
3 February 2019

This week I completed the bfxr installations so that the build generates a installer and uploads it so people can use it, unfortunatly it looks like it doesn’t work so I have to investigate why. I also spent some time on euphoria making the vector/point refactor compile and I started a test if lua is a better scripting engine than js. So far I am not convinced.

Week 4
27 January 2019

This week I started working on the installer and continous integration for bfxr. I finished the weekend by entering the global game jam and made a game about running.

Week 3
21 January 2019

This week I went to the library to read Scientific American from 78 to learn how a pink noise algorithm worked. I also continued working on my bfxr port.

Week 2
13 January 2019

This week I started working, so my time is less than it was before, though I started to port the bfxr tool from flash back to c++ so I can use it again without problems. Still a few things to do but it’s shaping up nicely.

Week 1
6 January 2019

This week I watched a few netflix movies and continued on tweaking i3 and my arch installation, almost there but not quite yet.