This blog is a try to me keep motivates and a way to see my progress on my current projects. Let’s see how it goes!

Week 9
4 March 2018

This week I still mostly recovered from the flue. When I actually managed to find the time to code, I fought the duktype/dukglue registration of custom classes. Currently I’m considering discarding dukglue and writing my own simpler version.

Week 8
27 February 2018

This week I worked on the entity system integration. It still isn’t complete but it’s getting there.

Week 7
18 February 2018

This week I had a fever and pretty much only slept, ate and watched netflix.

Week 6
12 February 2018

This week I wrote several different ECS systems before I decided to integrate the entt instead of using a custom one. I also decided that the first game will be a really basic version of tyrian.

Week 5
5 February 2018

This week I decieded that I am gonna try to enter the april ludum dare jam with my own engine so I started planning out what needs to be done for that to happen. I ported my old unique id generator to euphoria and started to look into embedding javascript/typescript through duktape as a scriping language.

Week 4
31 January 2018

This week I decided to up my rust game, so I started a pretty much completed a minor rust library called keyvalueextractor to extract data from a path. I ended the week with joining a game jam and creating the vr game “Inside sunshine”.

Week 3
22 January 2018

This week I finished the spacetyper/euphoria font rendering rewrite and finally managed to add inlined icons in text when rendering. I also somehow managed to binge the entire first season of punisher.

Week 2
15 January 2018

This week I spent most of my time on euphoria/spacetyper working on getting the coordinate system correct and fixing so that the padding/margin -top/bottom values werent mixed.

Week 1
7 January 2018

This week I mostly spend either watching netflix movies or coding on euphoria/spaceyper. One of my new year resolutions is to complete a few projects, including fish hunt, space typer and star collector. Of all the projects fish hunt is the one that is most completed. Star collector comes second but that is an android project so releasing that is another project entirly. Until next week.

31 December 2017

This week I continued on the chatbot and updating the euphoria engine. In a few hours I’ll be leaving for new years celebration so fishhunt will have to be completed in the beginning of the next year.