This blog is a try to me keep motivates and a way to see my progress on my current projects. Let’s see how it goes!

Week 22
6 June 2021

This week I replaced travis with github actions for euphoria. In the process I also updated imgui, replaced freetype with stb.truetype and continued cleaning up the source

Week 21
30 May 2021

This week I finally finished the refactoring and started the process of moving from travis and appveyor to github actions for the ci.

Week 19
16 May 2021

This week I continued the reactoring and the core is almost done now, only a few compilation errors with gcc that’s left. Next up is rendering.

Week 18
9 May 2021

This week I continued refactoring euph to the new code style. The core library is almost complete now :)

Week 17
2 May 2021

This week I added both a brand new minesweeper clone and a old four-in-a-row in 3d clone that I made in 07. There is still some minor work to be done on both, but there are 2 game examples for fyro/tred now, hurray.

Week 16
25 April 2021

This week I started refactoring euphoria from CamelCase to snake_case. I also started work on batching sprite rendering for tred

Week 15
18 April 2021

This week I i removed the last of javascript references merged the lua branch of euphoria into master. Still a few places to clean up but I can move forward now with a better scriping engine. I am actually tempted to put all my efforts into a vertical slice of the engine so we’ll see in a week if I took action or continued cleaning up the code.

Week 14
11 April 2021

This week I realized that lua perhaps could be a good candidate for scripting language, so I updated the lua fork to the lastest master.

Week 13
5 April 2021

This week I started updating my script-test since I have recently found myself in need of a better scripting language. I also took the plunge and started making a small textbased game in typescript and react.

Week 12
28 March 2021

This week I started on clang-tidying euphoria. I probably should complete the tred before gettting back to euphoria…