This blog is a try to me keep motivates and a way to see my progress on my current projects. Let’s see how it goes!

Week 09
6 March 2022

This week I added the doxygen documentation and some examples for euphoria to a simple gh-pages page. I also switched back from xml to json for all data files.

Week 08
27 February 2022

This week I mostly continued working on the port from I got a html output now but there are still things left to do. I also made some small fixes to actual euphoria code but nothing much.

Week 07
20 February 2022

This week I started writing on the blog post that will become the second chapter of “clean code”. Should be up sometimes next week. I spent most of the weekend with running clang-tidy and porting my clang-tidy script to workbench, mostly because I wanted a html report now that I’ve seen how pretty the header hero report looks :)

Week 06
13 February 2022

This week I continued working on the header hero port for workbench and actually started using it for small refactorings in euphoria. All that work is finally starting to pay off :)

Week 05
6 February 2022

This week I completed the checkincludes part of workbench. Now I can pickup where I left with the other header command, or perhaps integrate header hero. Decisions… decisions.

Week 04
30 January 2022

This week I mostly wrote a blog post about Clean Code Chapter 2. I found a project called Header Hero that I might incorporate into my own header tool and started to refactor euphoria core library so I can get a better flow/structure and in preparation of the introduction of PCHs. Hopefully all will get the compilation times down to some form manageable levels.

Week 03
23 January 2022

This week I fixed the last of the compiler warnings. Now euphoria builds without warnings on w4/Wall+extra. Next up to complete would proabably be to port the last of the build scripts and fix any warnings in euphoria that they will find.

Week 02
16 January 2022

This week I started working on reducing the ammount of warnings euphoria generated. Thees things sometimes feels like whac-a-mole squishing warnings in clang and then find some new in msvc but it’s moving along.

Week 01
10 January 2022

This week I continued working on my port of python code and I’m currently working on the “most common headers for a c++ file” tool, useful for determining what files to add to a pch

Week 52
3 January 2022

This week I watched alot of netflix, relaxed and continued porting the python scripts to rust.