Week 10

Sunday, 10 March 2024 at 23:23

This week I got clang-tidy running on Github actions and it looks like it’s the only big thing left before everything is green again for euph. I started thinking about replacing the coverage displays like coveralls that I’m currently using with something I can run locally. This week I also restarted fyro/lox and removed the public/private requirement from code. It was pretty easy since everything was required to be public. Initially I wanted to go in a c# direction but I think a typescript direction is better for lox. It should be easier to implement and stay more true to the original language. With the fyro work also semi-started work on a game jam entry, the goal if I continue on it is to work on the game/fyro for a week and publish a magic game. A nice break from work klotter/euphoria work, let’s see if I continue on it or go back to my regular projects.