Here you can find various projects I’ve did either myself or with others.

A old gamejam game. There is nothing really that can be done in the game, as I ran out of time, but there was a interesting mechaninc with roundhousekicking as a platform mechanic.

Another ludum dare game. This time I decided that game maker would be a good fit, so of I went. You play as a salesman, pick up lumber from trees and gold from miners and sell stuff but avoid the pirates por be prepared to fight.

4th Dimension
21 November 2007

So… In my quest to make a complete game with each engine, this is my second game. My first game was made with a homegrown 3d engine in OpenGL with ODE. This one however is in 2d and uses HGE and bass(through HGE). My previous game was made in a month, this was made in a week. The Game The game itself is based on a really old game for the mac that I liked, and I think it was called The 4th dimension, though I can only find a game dev company called 4th dimension.

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21 March 2007

Lolball is a simple guide-ball-to-the-end-of-the-level type of game with additional features such as particle combos(the explosions and the sprays), jumping, physics, slowmotion and crates.

World wild west
21 June 2006

Created for the 4e5 competition, this somewhat ambitious c++ ogree game was made. A bit too ambitious for the time I had available because unfortunatley time ran out and it’s mostly unfinished. It still contains some fun elements.