Here you can find various projects I’ve did either myself or with others.

Play as a the evil goat and kill innocent small rabbits and kill the heroes.

This ludum dare I spent most of the time on the transitions and never really had the time to make the gmaeplay interesting. It’s function but not much else. It’s unfortunate since I really like the graphics and transitions.

12 August 2012

As one of 2 programmers in a team of four we made a turn based octopus game where you kill your enemies by fighting them and detaching limbs for more attackpower.

21 December 2011

Basic 2d shooter that never ends. Becomes a little tactical since the different enemies require you to aim and a limmited amount of bullets force you to venture to the middle of the level.

Move the cursors away from the red items, charge and explode converting all reds into blue scores that need to be picked up before red can convert them.

Somewhat inspired by a mini game seen from somewhere and it shows. Not really a good game but kinda fun and from concept to implementation was less than a day so that’s good I guess.

A spawn named bob
21 April 2011

Pretty basic platformer made for ludum dare in 48 hours. Surprisingly fun because of the unlimited air dashing and matching sound effects.