This blog is a try to me keep motivates and a way to see my progress on my current projects. Let’s see how it goes!

21 May 2017

This week was also lazy. What can I say, except I’ve now binged one more series on netflix.

15 May 2017

This week should have been spent on either gaf, t3d or finishing the spacetyper menu but it was spent on finishing crappy series on netflix instead. I guess the blame is mostly on the bad cycle of beeing too tired and then just binge watching myself one more episode past bedtime.

8 May 2017

This week I continued working on this homepage, scaling images to fit in the design and it’s taking longer than expected. I also finally restarted my tile based 3d level editor called t3d. Since it’s still in its infancy there arent any pretty pictures so I’ll keep it here in the devlog for now.

1 May 2017

Much of the page is now in “kinda working” order. There are still projects missing images and download links, and most projects have the wrong header image size. There only one thing to do, and that’s keep on working on it.

24 April 2017

This week I did a little work on gaf, but my whole weeked was spent on moving my blogs and page to this new hugo based page. It isn’t done yet, but hopefully soon.

17 April 2017

This week I continued working on gaf, now supporting json loading and default values, next up is array support (yay)

12 April 2017

I continued working on gaf, and currently it parses a few test files, generate some c++11 code and runs a few unit tests on Travis. Next up is adding Json io and enums or arrays

4 April 2017

Last week was kinda productive despite a birthday party in Germany. I finally started on gaf, the game format file format generator, and separated the game and the engine part of spacetyper into super and sub repos.

28 March 2017

Last week wasn’t that eventful. Life got in my way I guess so no code was neither written nor committed. Better luck next(this) week I guess…

20 March 2017

I did nothing at all this week except watching Netflix. I managed to watch the entire Jessica Jones season 1 though so I’m both proud and appalled about my accomplishment.