And so it begins...

Tuesday, 21 May 2013 at 13:15   // reading time ~2 minutes

So I decided that I need to make a bigger game, a game that I can work on for a few months at least and not get bored. I shouldn’t have any complicated animations and should be “easy” to make. A basic renderer on the top of a physics simulation won’t be that complicated and could be fun.

I thought about remaking a previous game of mine, lolball , but all the design I could come up with was way to complicated for what I had imagined. All hope seemed to be lost and my motivation for creating something was low.

However, last week, I finally cracked the case. I’m going to make a spiritual remake of Lander by Psygnosis. In it the player controls a lander spaceship and navigates tight corridors and sometimes shoots down turrets. The twist is that the only main thruster is directed down so to move around one has to orient the ship and move around by combining the thruster and gravity.

This should be a perfect game to make and expand upon. Lots of possibilities for explosions and particles, easy models to make, basic shapes doesn’t detract from overall look and feel various fun control options and accessories and to investigate and most importantly it doesn’t seem to be anyone that is actively making a clone.